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Join 100's of students from around the world!
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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Film Your Art & Techniques with my 5 Top Recommendations

Do you want to video tape your art for online classes? I'm frequently asked what I use to film my online classes and other videos so I thought I'd compile a list of what I use.  Not everything is the newest model as I only tend to upgrade every couple of years.  I'm almost ready to upgrade this year adding on new microphones and MAYBE a new camcorder. I'm debating getting one with 4k but honestly, it's not really necessary for what  I'm doing.  I'd be curious to hear if anyone has one they use and would recommend.

(This post does contain links where I'll get a referral commission at no cost to you if you purchase. Your support helps me keep my content and classes developing for you!)

1. With live video becoming such a hot thing for spreading the word about what you do, having a tripod that can hold your phone/camera easily is a must.  Here's one that's affordable for most.  I'll also share one that is a little more top of the line.   Create your Facebook Live posts or Instagram stories with ease!

A little more top of the line:

2. This lighting kit is probably more than you need, but a bargain with all the extras!  I found it to be a good starter set, the tripod lighting stands aren't the sturdiest I've seen but for occasional filming, they do the job.  I've had the same bulbs for  2 years now.   The only thing I might add is a table top light, but that's just me.

3. After working with the 39.99 standard tripod you find at most electronic stores, I finally invested in a much sturdier product that also had an overhead arm.   I purchased this a few years ago and it's made all the difference in the world to me.   My filming angles are much better, set up options are infinite with the Vanguard model.  There may be newer models out there but if you can catch this on sale,  snag it up!

4.  Probably the most asked question is what camera do you use. I suggest getting a camcorder that is the best you can get within your budget.  Mine is middle of the road, it is a bit more pricey but not super expensive. One of my main requirements is great audio and super clear picture (haha, who doesn't want that), but you'd be surprised at the difference in sound and picture clarity between brands.  I wish this bundle was available when I made my purchase-it has everything you need and more to get filming!

5.  Now that you have the equipment, you need some software to edit with.  If you have a mac-well you are already taken care of with imovie, but I am a PC hold out (and in no hurry to change over), so additional software was necessary.

 I chose a program for me that has more than I will probably ever use,  because as I grow in my own understanding of more complex editing options, I want a program that can grow with me.  There are a lot of video tutorials on the manufacturers website that should be more than enough to get you started.   

Honestly though, in addition to having a robust program, you really need a fast computer to render your files.  If your speed is too slow, you'll find producing your videos akin to stirring molasses.  Very thick molasses!

  Internet--well suffice to say you need to have lightening fast service to upload your video files as well.   Trust me on this one, after spending 4 hours uploading a 10 minute video on DSL--upgrading to the turbo charge cable internet surface was a HUGE blessing, that same video size now takes me about 7 minutes or so to upload if not faster.

   I'm not an expert on how fast is optimal for your computer/internet, but my method is to get the fastest you can afford.  You'll be glad you did!

I hope you found some of these suggestions helpful as you get started filming your craft or hobby.  It's a big investment,  but you are worth it!

As I find new things or think of additional add on items you could use, I'll update this post.  Until then, hit record and have fun!

Gratefully yours,

Jodi Ohl

Monday, November 20, 2017

A Week of Thanksgiving and Specials from Jodi Ohl

Happy Early Thanksgiving!

I hope life is treating you well and you are healthy, happy and surrounded by those you love!

It's been a whirlwind few months as you can probably tell by my blogging absence (something I vow to do better with in the New Year).  Tons of travel, several classes and the biggest news of all, I have a new Granbaby-Elena, who was born on October 30th.  I was blessed my son and daughter in law allowed me to be in for the whole birth, what a miracle!

Shortly there after, I shot a short video for a new project coming up in the new year-more details on that later, did a weekend of painting demonstrations at Art of the Carolinas last week, and now I'm rolling into working on holiday events, small art, new collections, a big article for the spring and many other special new things that are all to revealed in the next few weeks!

I know time is precious so I will just leave you today with a few highlights of what is to come. As my valued readers, I want you to be among the first to know when I have specials and new products so here is what's on the agenda!

11/20- 11/27  Free shipping!  Signed copies of my book, Abstracts in Acrylic and Ink along with a commemorative postcard.

PS-some new art and gifts  will be added this week!!

Ohh...BTW-, while I'm finished traveling for the year,  my next away workshop will be in New Mexico, hosted by Annie Hooten.  Two classes spanning 3 days. 

Flowing Features-Evening workshop
2 Day Zen Houses class

For more information, please contact Annie by clicking 

Rest assured-I have more great events coming, lots of NEW art to be loaded in my shop,  special deals and new project that expands on my year long stint as a guest columnist at Cloth Paper Scissors.  Those details and more will be unveiled over the next few weeks so be sure to stay tuned!

In the mean time, thank you so much for following my art, learning creative techniques with me and for your overall friendship as support. 

I'm blessed beyond measure for it all.


Jodi Ohl

Monday, September 25, 2017

Journal Questions to Discover, Uncover, and Recover

Questions to journal about, to question yourself with. Be honest and open with the answers.  

It's the only way to discover, uncover and recover-let alone move forward:

Are you interested or are you committed?

Are you passionate or are you purposeful?

Are you surviving or are you thriving?

Are you serving up crap or are you serving up value?

Are you questioning or are you hungry for knowledge?

Do you charge by the hour or do you charge what you are worth?

Are you apathetic or are you engaged?

Do you make excuses or do you take ownership and do the work?

Are you fearful or are you fear-LESS?

Are you helping yourself or are  you hoping others will help you?

Are you part of the problem or are you the answer?

Are you cutting edges or cutting corners?

Are you willing to take a risk or are you choosing only that which comforts you?

Are entrapped or are you empowered?

What have you done today to move forward?

Have you done the work or did you skip the lesson?

Why you? Why not?  Who else? What did you learn? What's next? How do we get there? 

What do you want? What do you need?

What keeps you up in at night? What are you searching for and why?

....Musings of the day. 

Until next time,


Thursday, September 07, 2017

5 Strategies For Making Big Things Happen

*Winner of my giveaway announced at the end of this post** :)

When you have an idea for something, make that a BIG idea, how do you go about making sure that you accomplish it?  More or less, I'm talking about creative ideas but honestly, it could pertain to anything you'd like to achieve.

I know for me, I often sit and percolate over my initial musing and decide the pros and cons of doing something in my head before I take action.  The head-game can be slightly dangerous though because you can talk yourself out of doing something as much as you can get excited about the idea.  The longer you stay in your head can also mean the less likely you actually put the plan into action.

For the last couple of years, I have been releasing one to two new online classes a year (plus a few mini lessons one friend's collaborative workshops) and that number is actually lower than I set out to do when I first started working for myself.  In my head, I thought surely I can do 4-6 a year, no problem.  


I know I probably go overboard in my workshops, I often do a lot more than I need to for it to be a successful class which is why it takes me so long to produce a class.   Knowing what I know,  I have learned that I can't really commit to a class unless I have a full 8 weeks or more to work on it with very little commitments other than the class to distract me.  

Easier said than done!

That brings me to my main point: to do big things, you need white space to work in.  By white space, I mean time, openness of your schedule, and very little elsepulling you in other directions.

I've worked in a 'sparkly colorful' space for far too many big projects.  Often, it leads to burnout and even physical revolts from my body.

This time around, during my Zen Houses class I did have a lot of white space cleared out so ideally, the production should have gone smoothly but what I didn't account for is the many things that pop up at the last minute that I 'had' to take on, you know the ones that seem like a good idea at the time and not take too long but end up taking 10x as long as you imagine to do and not such a great idea overall.  I also didn't really account for personal commitments that pop up that have got to be taken care of no matter what because that's what life is about being a Mom, friend, co-worker.  

Long story short, I did have to delay the launch by 2 weeks so I could fit in those things that 'popped' up that had I not delayed the class, it would have pretty much killed me to open it on time.
I'm so glad my pre-registered students understood and were so very gracious and patient.  

If you want to do big things, hear are some lessons and strategies I've put into place or learned over the years that I'd thought I'd share with you today.  If you have processes in place that have worked for you, I'd love to hear those too!

1.  Be cautious on saying 'yes' to every project or request that comes your way.  Have a 'mission' statement in place and if the request doesn't support your mission, or doesn't fit into a time space you've allotted for impromptu opportunities,  the answer should be no.  To quote Derek Sivers, "If it's not a 'hell-yeah, it's a hell no."

2.  OVER Estimate how long projects will take.  Even if you know you can finish your task(s)  in a shorter amount of time,  it's better to over deliver and under promise rather than the opposite. Leaving a cushion in your timeline for unexpected delays as things will pop up when you least expect them to.  (ahhh--hhmmmm.--lesson learned once again for me!)

3. Put stretch goals in place but be realistic in what you can achieve.  You want to challenge yourself but not set yourself up for failure by being unrealistic about what is truly possible.  Truthfully, most anything you strive to do is possible, but it may not be achievable in a particular time frame if a plan isn't well thought out or executed upon properly. 

4.  Plan out your project and do check ins periodically.  Know what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it by.  I have found that deadlines and due dates (even if they are self-imposed)  are so important to keep myself accountable and on track.  I like to start with an outline and fill in bullet points under each category for a particular project.  This helps me visualize the entire process from start to finish and the key milestones along the way.

5.  Delegate-delegate.  If you are striving to do something big, it doesn't mean you have to do it all yourself.  This may mean you will have to  enlist help for things that you normally do at home or at work that are important but not critical for you to do.   This is one of the hardest things for me to do honestly, but I've learned along the way  that it's critical to do so that you can make that 'white' space available for the truly big things you want to accomplish.

So what is that big idea next on your list?  How are you going to make sure you reach your goal and shine for the rest of the world to see??

Until Next Time,



Drum Roll please-----We have a winner for my 10 x 10 original painting featured in my last blog post:

Blogger Tamara Decoito said...
Hi Jodi
I live in La Mesa, CA and my home is a creative place where my grandchildren can explore with color and many different mediums. Thank-you for your inspiration I am excited for the start of Zen Houses. 

Congratulations Tamara!!!